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J Prichard Design LLC’s designs are made to order and accordingly can be customized in a nearly limitless range of sizes, clay bodies and finishes, though individual patterns are often amenable to particular design options. To aid in the design process, we note these rules of thumb in the attached pattern specification sheet.

Installation Formats

Our work includes in situ wall-mounted and hanging installations, as well as transportable panel-mounted installations and relief sculptures.  


For singular art pieces that integrate fully with the features of a space, we offer in situ installations in which we install our handcrafted ceramic forms directly on walls and other built features of the space.


For a standalone presentation or an easily-transportable art work, we install our work on made-to-order panels that can be customized in size, finish and color. The completed panels are crated and shipped, with hanging hardware, to the project site. These installations may be hung singly or en masse.


For a striking art feature that soars in a space or creates a dramatic backdrop, we offer hanging installations in which the porcelain forms are suspended from the ceiling individually or in strands. Hanging installations allow full 360 degree views of the ceramic forms and have a subtle kinetic effect.

Relief Sculptures

For visually substantial and compelling art pieces, we offer relief sculptures, which appear to have been sculpted from a single ceramic block. Depending on the pattern, relief sculptures may be made to appear seamless or they may be installed with reveals that highlight their individual features.



Wall-, Panel-Mounted and Hanging Installations

The individual ceramic elements of our wall- and panel-mounted and hanging installations may be made with diameters ranging from 1/2 to 12 inches, though each pattern has standard sizes within these ranges

Relief Sculptures

The individual elements of the relief sculptures have sizes ranging from 4 to 12 inches square, with the overall size of the completed sculpture virtually limitless.

Clay Bodies

img-01 We carefully source clay bodies from around the world based on their hue, translucency, texture and glaze compatibility. The clay bodies we offer include a range of porcelains, stonewares and earthenwares.


Finishes include the natural hue of the clay body as well as a range of matte pigments, satin and gloss glazes and specialty finishes. There are numerous color options within each finish.

Natural Clay Hues

Clay hues include a range of whites, off-whites and earthen tones in the brown, gray and red fields.

Integral Matte Pigments.

For a soft tonal color, we can work a pigment into the clay body that runs through the entire ceramic element. Matte pigments are available in a wide range of colors and tonal intensities.

Satin and Gloss Glazes.

For heightened color intensity and impact, we can finish the ceramic elements in a wide range of commercial, custom-blended and wholly custom-made glazes.

Specialty Finishes.

For an even more specialized effect, additional finishes such as metallic glazes, lusters, washes and other effects are available.